Fall in love with taking care of yourself through how you eat, move and talk to yourself.

Consistency is so important to create lasting results. This is what this party is all about.

There is no magic pill to blast fat. It takes work, time, and doing the right workouts.

If you are looking for fun, short, effective workouts that are easy to fit into your busy schedule this is for you.


YES! Let's do this sister
21 day workout party to kick off the new year to jump start your journey to a fitter, stronger, happier and healthier you.

This time of year we want you to focus on celebrating life not putting extreme rules or restrictions on yourself! Showing yourself love allows you to love others more fully, too and experience life to the fullest. 

NO equipment needed.
Workouts are less than 30 mintues a day.

Become stronger inside and out one workout at a time.

Your body is your gym. The bodyweight workouts will help you reconnect with the power of YOUR body. You'll burn fat, build lean muscle without getting bulky and ignite your metabolism all while not comprising your health.

It's time to CELEBRATE all of YOU!


Are you ready to say goodbye to long hours of cardio?
Are you wanting to learn how to workout for under 30 minutes a day and get results?
Are you tired of restrictive meal plans?
Are you ready to learn what foods work your body and find peace with food?
Are you ready to find a way of moving and eating that you can maintain for life with ease while having fun?

You're in the right place. 

The FIIT Party starts in:
  • 30

  • 03

  • 28

  • 47

Hi we are Lori and Michelle
Ex-binge eaters and over exercisers, depressed, obsessed with food and having the pefect healthy fit body TO girls who live a mindful active lifestyle, eat a balanced diet which includes dessert, workout 30 minutes or less a day, and look and feel OUR BEST than ever.

We want to help you LOVE your body through movement. 
We want you to nourish your body because you love it. 

Together as a sisterhood we'll become stronger, fitter, healthier and happier without dieting or long hours of cardio. 

We want to help you change the way you think about exercise, food and your body.  We are a mission to help 100 million women stop obsessing about their bodies by rediscovering their worth, so they can live up to their true potential.

We help you create a healthy lifestyle that fits your life. One that is fun, easy and attainable for life. 

Break the fitness and dieting rules and love yourself. 

21 day whole body celebration

Say goodbye to:
over crowded gyms
long hours of boring cardio
dieting and restrictions

​Say hello to:

It's all about fun and love this new year. 

You'll get:
Short intense effective workouts you can do anywhere.
Real time workouts. 
Workout calendar making it super easy for you to know what to do.
Daily motivation and check-ins from us.
Private Facebook group support, friendship and accountable.
Nutrition, self-love and mindset tips to help you feel more confident, balanced, healthy and happy.
Eating for Life Ebook for FREE (value of $20)
Chances to win prizes from our favorite wellness brands.

This FIIT Party will  make you stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.

If you're seeking a new way of living, moving, eating and experiencing life, this party is for you. You'll end the 21 days emerged with a new mind, new shape, resilience and a renewed connection to your true, most radiant self.

​You'll feel less stressed and much happier and excited for life while loving your body.

Get ALL of this for just $21. That's a $1 a day.

Commit to your health and happiness.